想いおこすと、初めてこの建物と出逢ったときから、お店のイメージが生まれていました。 ひと目惚れとは、このような流れを言うのだろう。 古い家屋を再生していく事が地域環境を守り、地域が活性し文化が継承されていくのではないかと。



Thinking back, the image of the store was born from the first time I encountered this building. This process is generally referred to as love at first sight. I thought that revitalizing old houses would protect the local environment, revitalize the community, and pass on culture. New "value" will be created and nurtured again. Isn't that what true revitalization is all about? We are sincerely grateful to the landlords and local residents for their understanding and sympathy, and we will continue to connect to the future day by day.

  • 大正後期に建てられた日本文化「銭湯」。


    Japanese culture "Sento" built in the late Taisho period. We must preserve the landscape of Japan or the region...

  • 銭湯のシンボル「ザ・番台」。


    The symbol of the public bathhouse, "The Watcher’s seat". This must have been the center of the community…

  • その時代は、脱衣場がコミュニティーの原点であり きっと、井戸端会議の聖地。

    In those days, the changing rooms were the starting point of community, and surely a sanctuary for socializing with neighbors.

  • 秘密基地?ではありません・・

    ボイラー室でした。 大鋸屑を燃やしてお湯にしていたそうです。

    A secret base? No, it was not… It was a boiler room. They used to burn sawdust to make hot water.

  • 燃料小屋には、まだ・・・

    沢山の大鋸屑燃料が 残っていました。

    There was still...a lot of sawdust fuel left in the fuel shed.

  • 昔、煙突を見るたび空を眺めていたな。


    Back in the day, every time I saw a chimney, I'd look to the sky. I feel like the chimney was like a symbol of the town.

  • 昔懐かしい京間、ニ階は住居でした。 建物が20cmも傾斜していたのです。ビックリ!!

    The old-fashioned kyoma, the second floor was a residence. The building was sloped 20 cm. Wow!

  • 建物に光を入れる考え 銭湯の建築は深いです。白タイルで洗練された空間・浴槽の湯が 身も心も清めてくれていた。

    The idea of letting light into the building. The architecture of a public bathhouse is profound. The refined space with white tiles and the hot water in the bathtub purified my body and soul.